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September 17, 2020

It’s PhotoShoot Time!

Some of us love getting our pictures taken (just take a look at Instagram for proof of that), and some of us dread photoshoots.

I would say typically, most of us are hovering around the latter category. We’re just not that comfortable being the centre of attention or we aren’t usually pleased with the results when we see the image captured.

We are so hard on ourselves.

I have coordinated more than 75 photoshoots with professional photographer Jim Craigmyle. During a shoot, Jim and I work as a team to coordinate, style, and deliver amazing photographs that capture a person’s best self. We take care of all of the details so our clients don’t have to worry about a thing. This way they can focus on staying relaxed and sipping their coffee, tea (or alcoholic beverage if that helps with the nerves).

Through all of these photoshoots, I have learned a few things and I want to share with you a few of my fav tips:


If you are getting your pictures taken for work or to represent you professionally, you should look like YOU. I know this sounds really basic and maybe obvious for some, but sometimes when people book professional photos they act and dress like it is their one chance to really show what they’ve got – style-wise and makeup-wise.   A picture should represent you! Not necessarily your yoga pant/messy bun self (unless that’s what you want), but the best version of you. Like when you are walking into a meeting and going to kill it! Or when you’re pitching a product to a client and going to get multiple sales. OR when you are all put together for a stroll around the city and feeling super stylish.


Do you usually wear glasses? Then you should wear glasses for your photoshoot. If you wear your hair straight and down 99.9% of the time, don’t wear ringlets for your picture. If you typically wear business casual to work, never a suit, don’t wear a suit. If you are a workout professional, wear workout clothes. Look like you do at work or wherever you will be using your photograph to represent.

The same can be said for a family picture. If you’re a very casual, relaxed family, getting everyone dressed up in button-ups or suits for your picture will look a bit stiff and no one will feel comfortable.


Although we ALL want to look absolutely fabulous for our photos, going to get your hair coloured or trying a new haircut the day before your photo shoot is definitely not a good idea. Getting your roots touched up a few days before with the same colour you always use and the same stylist you’ve been going to for years – yes! but now is not the time to leave things to the last minute, and try something or someone new. This may set you up for disappointment or disaster or at the very least a necessary reschedule. Remember, you are aiming for the best version of yourself … not a new, never-been-tried-before version of yourself.

I have a ton more tips and tricks and recommendations up my sleeves and I want to share ALL of them with you.  Why not check out my FREE PHOTOSHOOT CHEAT SHEET. It’s yours to have and use. I send it to all my clients in preparation for Jim and I’s photoshoots. Quick grab it and make your next round of photos a breeze.

If you have any questions, ask away, tracy@kitchentableceos.com

Good Luck!

By Tracy Smith-diving into business and life - get to 80%-screw perfection-kitchentableeos
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  1. Jennifer Jewett says:

    Time for an updated family picture. A professional shot is a timeless grace of A special moment and a perfect gift. The pictures of you on your website are gorgeous.

    • Tracy Smith says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the feedback – especially yours. Yes, updated family photo sounds like a great idea.

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