You know email marketing is a no-brainer and want to get started with a series of emails to welcome your new email subscribers ... but where do you start? what do you say? or maybe you can't find the time?

The done-for-you email welcome sequence download offers you an easily customizable fill-in-the-blanks template so that you can have your emails done in less than an hour!

Don't waste weeks, months, even years putting this off and miss out on the sales and customers you could be getting!

What's in it for you?

The Done-For-Your
Email Welcome Sequence

THREE fill-in-the-blank Email Templates

Sample emails and examples to use as inspiration for each template

Time savings, stress savings and a welcome sequence that will increase your social and website traffic, conversions and sales

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Ta-dah! Consider your first email sequence done - finito!

What's Included:

Professionally-written templates to guide you


For the price of lunch & 20 minutes

cost & Time savings

So easy, you're not going to believe it. 


"Oh my gosh you gave me so much information...
... thank you so so much! "

— Susan

What people are saying ...

I was amazed by the amount of knowledge put into the products! Tracy is engaging, full of information, and has helped me move forward with confidence with my business content.  Thanks Tracy!"

— Joelene

I didn't even know where to start aside from copying from someone else! TRACY I loved it and  once I stopped and followed what you told me to do, it just flowed. Oh my gosh you gave me so much information... thank you so so much! 



Email marketing is a must for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but what is it all about, how do you collect people's emails and how the heck do you write an 'email sequence?'  

And what do all the jargon words mean?

Buy this EMAIL BUNDLE and save more than $90 ... you'll have all of the information and pre-written templates at your fingertips.

Email Marketing Bundle

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If you're looking to get into the email marketing game
(or up your current game) and convert your customers ... this is for you!

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Email Marketing 101

Topic Ideas

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Email Sequence

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