Put your business story into content that feels authentic

... so that you can reach out and connect with your customers, increase your reach and revenue, and develop a lifelong and loyal clientele.



My Story

I launched Kitchen Table CEOs in 2019 as a way to reach out to all the women launching and running businesses from home.

I want them (you) to know: it doesn't matter where you sit to do your job, you can be successful, create an unforgettable brand and be a fab CEO.

I bring professional content, words, photography and strategy to my CEO clients, so they can up their game and play in the big leagues.

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Writing Services

You name it, I can write it.

Crafting and telling your business story is incredibly important and a key factor in whether you succeed and reach your ideal clients. I can help you with your website, About Me page, product descriptions, social posts, blogs and marketing kits. Hire me so that you can get these things off of your to-do list and get back to doing what you do best.

Let me help you on your journey, wherever that might be.

Put your story into words

save time & stress

professional content backing your brand

Brand Photography

You are worth it!

If you don't show up for your clients, why would you expect them to show up for you? Your ideal client needs to know, like and trust you BEFORE they buy ... and that's why powerful brand photography is SO important. And don't worry, it doesn't have to break the bank!

put your best foot forward

be proud of your photography

A picture says a thousand words

Email Lists

Don't put all of your eggs in the 'social media' basket

Which sounds better to you? Posting something on social and HOPING your customers see it ... or sending them a personal message directly to their inbox?
An email list is an integral part to ANY business's marketing strategy and I can help you get yours up and running in a few weeks!

Direct access to your potential customers

generate revenue

Build longlasting & Loyal clients

Kind Words

Tracy just got it. She took my thoughts and put them down into words effortlessly. She magically weaved her magic and in a short period of time, I had the content I needed to relaunch my business.

— Patti wilson, patti wilson design inc.

"The email sequences are amazing. You listened, did exactly what we wanted and more than you promised. 100% pleased with the results and your service. Tracy is professional and patient and has excellent writing skills."

- monica witvoet, OSOhome

"Words cannot explain how much clarity I have by taking this course!!! 
This has been the BEST investment!
Well done Tracy. "

- colleen noakes, CN Creative

@KitchenTableCEOs ...

What Makes Me Different

I've been where you are. I understand the list, the stress ... and also the desire to create something, build your empire and succeed. Working with me and my team is a no-brainer - we are awesome at what we do, we're super friendly and hard working and we actually laugh and smile in our meetings. Seriously though, we get sh%t done and our goal is to help create a plan for you that includes content, words and messaging that will help you build your business, reach your audience and grow it to meet your wildest dreams! Read my testimonials; I am good at what I do.

I understand. I've been there. I've got you!

It's time to:

Put your big girl pants on,
tie your hair in a 
messy bun,
& get down to 

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My content tips and motivation are gold and I ❤️ connecting with other women entrepreneurs who are building their businesses from the kitchen table. Sign up so we can stay in touch!

I promise not to be that annoying person who emails you every day! 😃 

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