Let's Get Your Thoughts Down on Paper!

I keep things simple - why over complicate? You tell me what you need, talk it out with me. Then I will magically write you content that feels authentic, speaks to your ideal client and makes you look like you are a super star.  Let's get started; send me an email and tell me what you need help with.


You name it and I can write it

Gift for Gab (and Pen)

I don't know why or how, but I'm super duper good at putting words to paper, writing content that people love and taking hard-to-explain stuff and simplifying it into easy-to-read (and enjoyable) snippets. 

I love it when I can take my client's jumbled thoughts that are stuck in their head, swirling around and overwhelming them ... and with a few taps of my keyboard, create professional words, messages, pages and stories that can elevate their business and brand to a new super professional level.

I never realized most people find writing super hard, annoying and stressful. Hmmm ... A lightbulb moment 💡 

what i can write for you:

Website Copy

If you have a website, you need the right words to fill the pages. The design and layout are only half of the equation (most people forget about that). 


There is an art to writing emails - the layout, the words, the call-to-actions. Instead of adding this to your ever-growing to-do list, why not enlist my help?!

You Pick!

There's not much I haven't written. So if you need help with something, tap me on the shoulder, and I'm happy to help. Just click the little button below.



Tracy helped us to create content that accurately portrays who we are and what we do. We are now 100% confident referring clients and professionals to our website. 

Tracy is very creative and has great ideas. It helps that she is a phenomenal writer to boot!

Working with Tracy is like a coffee date with a friend combined with a productive writing session. 

My Promise To You:

Why I'm So Special 😝 

Nothing fancy. No strings attached. No chasing me down. No money down the drain. I'm down-to-earth, easy to get along with and will work hard for you, every single minute of every single project we do together. 
I don't use big, complicated words or use a bunch of techy jargon to intimidate you and make me seem cool (talking over people is SO not cool, by the way). So let's get started and at least meet and chat.
It's like you and me, on a coffee date, chatting away about your business. That easy. That simple.  

Are you ready to rock and ROLL... write?


You are good at what you do,
and I am good at what I do.
Why not leave the
               to me?