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September 18, 2020

Social media posting can be exhausting. I know. I hear you.

Even for the experts, it can be hard to constantly come up with new ideas and copy.

I want to make it easy for you today and want to give you some of my favourite social media post ideas to use on your feeds this month.

Are you ready? Here are 7 Social Media Topic Ideas:

Get Personal

I know this title will make a lot of you squirm because you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself. You also don’t like sharing pictures of yourself either. Right? But think about this: don’t you think your customers want to know who they are talking to? Don’t you think it helps them to relate to you? Unless you’re completely unlikeable which I know is NOT true, you need to be sharing a bit about you and your business behind the scenes. So here is my challenge to you: share something personal or behind-the-scenes this week. Post a picture of you at your desk, you and your pet, meeting with a client, your favourite lunch place, etc.

Pose a Question

Your audience will love that you want their opinion on something. Ask a question. Could be on any topic you want, or it could be business-related i.e. what name do you like better? Which logo is your favourite? Or it could be a bit of market research – ask your customers something you need/want to know that will help guide your business decisions.

Share The Love

Be sure to thank the people that make your job possible. The subcontractors, the happy barista that hands you your hot coffee in the morning, or a talented artisan that did some work for you. Or maybe it’s your spouse who just happened to put up with your grumpy mood last week. Anyone you appreciate and who helps you out, say thank you.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

People love hearing personal stories so tell them why you started your business. Or you could share what you like best about your business.

Share Your Top Tips on Something

You are an expert at something so share your tips on how to make/do/sell/create/build something.

Before & Afters

Who doesn’t like a before and after? If it’s possible, share a before and after of a project that you have worked on and explain what you did and the results that you achieved.

Product Spotlight

Talk about one of your products and why it’s so awesome.

There you have it, seven ideas to get you going on your social media this month. Still looking for more? Well, I do have an absolutely FREE download that you are welcome to have that is bursting with more post ideas for you to use. CLICK HERE to get your FREE Social Post Ideas download.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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