7 Easy Ways to Collect Emails

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August 15, 2020

Email Lists are one of the easiest and most essential ways to generate sales and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

But how do you get everyone’s email addresses? Putting a paper notepad out on a desk seems a bit dated and many of us are working in a 100% online business environment, so just how are we supposed to get people’s emails so that we can keep in touch with them?

Here are my 6 Easy Ways to Get Emails

1. Purchases

When people purchase from you in-person or online, ensure that you are capturing their email somehow through the process. You should be adding ALL of these people to your email list. If you don’t currently do this, start!

2. Event Giveaways

If you attend an event, raffle off an attractive prize that appeals to your target client; in order to enter the raffle, hopeful attendees must provide their name and email. Add these names to your email list. Same goes for online giveaways; if people want to enter their names in the contest, instead of just ‘liking’ a post and ‘following’ you, make it a requirement that they hand over their email address.

3. Offer a Freebie

Create a free downloadable product that you can offer online, the only catch is that people have to provide their email, so that you can send them their free product. It’s a win-win. They get the free product, discount or download and you get there email. All of these emails should be added to your list too!

4. Newsletter Opt-Ins on your Website

Add a place on your website where people can sign-up to get the latest news and promotions. This is different from a Pop-Up (see below) because it is a part of the page. Similar to a ‘Search Bar,’ this would be a blank field that people enter their information into if they want you to keep them posted.

5. Pop-Ups

Create a pop-up message on your website that will appear to a visitor scrolling through your site. You get to pick the amount of time that will pass before the pop up appears asking them if they want to join your newsletter/receive news, etc. Add all of these people to your list.

6. Ask Your Followers

If you are active on social media, try just asking your followers if they would like to join your email list? Obviously you will have to sell it a bit, tell them why they should care, what good stuff they will find out about or discounts that might follow.

7. Organize an Online Contest

People love free stuff. Choose some prizes that go with your brand or that you sell and organize an online contest. In order for people to be entered into the contest, they have to sign up for your email list.

There you have it – 7 quick and easy ways to get your email list growing. If you are hungry for more Email List intel, check out my EMAIL LISTS 101: Start and Grow your List in the Template Shop; it’s absolutely jam-packed with everything Email Lists. Email Lists 101 includes template emails, email topic ideas, 6 reasons you need an email list, how to use your list to your benefit, explanation of what an email funnel is, different types of email campaigns, and Email marketing terminology so you’re never lost in digital marketing jargon. If you want to get your email list up and running in a big way, this is the purchase is for you.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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