16 Reading Recommendations for Women Who Think

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August 11, 2020

Devouring books has been a pastime of mine from a very young age. When I was bored or traveling for long hours and looking for something to do, I turned to my books.

I don’t always read.

I mean, being a Mom, sometimes months go by and I haven’t even flipped a page, but I always come back.

Getting reading recommendations from my girlfriends and family members is so helpful. I regularly trade-off novels with my mother-in-law and sometimes my Dad and yes, I belong to one heckuva an awesome book club filled with awesome gal pals.

I have had the absolute pleasure of reading every single one of the books on this list and that is why I have included them and am recommending them to you.

Each one of the books touched me in a different way, taught me something or shed light on a life perspective that I have never come face-to-face with or could ever imagine.

If you are looking for a great book to get wrapped up in and sink your mind into, I highly recommend choosing from my ’16 Recommendations for Women Who Think’ listed below. I have included a few brief comments for each to let you know why I liked it, what I learned or what it is about.

Please leave me a comment if you have read one of the books or have another one that you would recommend.

16 Reading Recommendations for Women Who Think

16 Reading Recommendations for Women Who Think books - blog - by tracy smith
  1. Book of Negroes,
    Lawrence Hill
    A must-read for everyone. So heartbreaking, eye-opening and gut-wrenching. An incredible journey of one black woman across multiple continents, ripped from her home by slave traders and the impossible life that follows. I just lent this to my Dad and he read it in three days; he could not put it down and just kept saying, “this is unbelievable … this woman is incredible … this book is SO well written!”
    The ‘Book of Negroes’ refers to a document detailing the names, origins and details of thousands of black people that fled American Slavery in the 1700s and came to Canada hoping for a different life.

  2. Educated,
    Tara Westover
    Just Wow! What a story and it’s true. About a woman who rose up and overcame so many obstacles and hardships from such a young age to continue on her path to achieve her dreams and achieve self-worth and confidence. Similar in feel to ‘The Glass Castle,’ if you have had the privilege of reading that.

  3. Becoming,
    Michelle Obama
    Who doesn’t love Michelle Obama? I was really hoping she would come out with a biography. Such a phenomenal woman who encompasses so many qualities that I hope I can exude. I was really curious to hear about her take and approach on balancing her career and her role as a Mom and wife. Does not disappoint. #michelleforpresident

  4. Everybody’s Son,
    Thrity Umrigar
    I love all of the books on this list and this novel is no exception. This tale deals with important issues including: race, privilege, values, power and class. Life is not always as straight forward as it seems.

  5. Washington Black,
    Esi Edugyan
    A story about a boy-slave on a sugar plantation and a twisted tale that reveals both the bonds of cruelty and compassion, opportunity lost and taken as well as given. It is truly unbelievable and eye-opening to read in detail about slavery and how black people were treated and used and the hardships and cruelty they were forced to endure.

  6. Tuesdays With Morrie,
    Mitch Albom
    One of my all-time favourite books. I think I read this as a teenager but it has always stuck with me. Lessons of life priorities, love, family and making time in your life for the things that really matter.

  7. Bear Town,
    Fredrik Backman
    Being a hockey Mom, this book gripped me. Reminded me of many Canadian and mid-west USA towns. Heart-wrenching story, characters that you fall in love with and left wanting more.

  8. The Nightingale,
    Kristin Hannah
    Historical fiction, set in World War II, tells a story about Nazi-occupied France. Two sisters, two very different paths. Such a difficult time and horrible decisions that had to be made. Let me know what sister you could identify with more.
  9. The Paris Architect,
    Charles Belfoure
    Also set in World War II in Nazi-occupied Paris. Describes a budding architect stuck in an impossible situation: asked by the Germans to work for them … while simultaneously designing hiding spots to keep Jewish people safe.

  10. Through Black Spruce,
    Joseph Boyden
    Canadian author. I have to be honest, it has been quite a few years since I read this, but I remember being really touched by it. The writing is beautiful and told from two different character’s perspectives. The author does an amazing job at describing the natural setting and rural northern Ontario. A wide range of issues are discussed: violence, family ties, drugs/alcoholism, life as an Aboriginal (Cree), new ways vs. traditional life, love, regret, reconciliation. A loose sequel to Boyden’s previous book – Three Day Road.

  11. Canoe Lake,
    Roy MacGregor
    A wonderful book all about the famous artist, Tom Thomson from the Group of Seven, and his mysterios death and disappearance while canoeing on Canoe Lake.

  12. The Woman in the Window,
    A.J. Finn
    Completely hooked and trying to figure out the mystery from page 1. The author masterfully reveals pieces of information throughout the book, slowly revealing the mystery to you. Five stars.

  13. Everything I Never Told You,
    Celeste Ng
    This author also has written ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Heart-wrenching as it deals with a teenager that shows one side of herself to her family and keeps another side to herself to her own detriment.

  14. Origin,
    Dan Brown
    A really fascinating book. Gripping storytelling. Gives you a lot to think about and makes you look at technology and advancement in a new light.

  15. Red Notice: A True Story of Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight For Justince
    Bill Browder
    This book is also a true story and is very timely given the US/Russian relations. A lot of what is explained applies to current events during the first year or two of Trumps’ presidency. Unbelievable and a definite page-turner.

Happy Reading!

From my kitchen table to yours,

By Tracy Smith-diving into business and life - get to 80%-screw perfection-kitchentableeos
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