8 Reasons Why I ❤️ Flodesk

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March 18, 2021

So some of you might be asking what the heck is Flodesk? And others might be swooning and saying ‘I know, I ❤️ Flodesk too!

It’s all good because I’m going to tell you exactly what Flodesk is, why you need it and why I ❤️ it!

Flodesk is an email marketing platform that manages and organizes your email list, allowing you to keep in touch with all of your current and potential customers as well as warm leads you have made contact with. It gives you the opportunity to automate your emails and create sequences (series) that go out to your audience so that they operate in the background, earning you money and increasing your reach!

Email lists are NO-brainers.

I want to share with you why I chose Flodesk as my email platform of choice (instead of Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or any of the other competitors out there) and what I ❤️ about it.

8 Reasons I ❤️ Flodesk:


There is no comparison with other email platforms. Flodesk has the most beautiful, light, and airy designs that are enjoyable to look at and draw the readers in. Tons of font choices, templates, colours, and layout options. If you have a female-centric or lifestyle brand, you are going to want to check out the look of these emails, before you defer to one of the bigger names in the biz (and their stuffy, generic, and conservative templates).


Most email platforms have price plans that are determined based on how many people you have on your email list. So guess what happens when your business grows and your list increases? Your bill goes up and up. With Flodesk, your rate stays the same and you are NOT penalized by your success. I like this model! 


Unlike their competitors, Flodesk has tried really hard to keep the terminology easy to understand and the organization of their site straightforward and as simple as possible. You still need to do a bit of learning to understand how it all works, but they have made it much easier than most.


Flodesk was started by two women founders – Martha & Rebecca. I love hearing them talk about their story, their ‘why’ and even how they freaked out when THE Jenna Kutcher reached out to launch a mini-course with them. #womensupportingwomen


When you land on the site, it’s pleasant to navigate and easy to take in. Unlike the uber YELLOW and super-busy landing pages of their competitors, Flodesk is all about peaceful white space and calm to visit. I know this might sound silly, but I really put value on the user’s experience and how I feel when I’m using a certain site. Flodesk ranks high for me.


Flodesk has a 30-day free trial period which is a nice long period of time to see if you like it or not without any financial obligation. None of this 7-day business where you’re being asked to commit before you’ve even had a chance to try things out.


Flodesk is relatively young compared to some of the original mail platforms. This makes them keen, ambitious and constantly rolling out improvements and tweaks to make it better and better. They are learning in real-time with their audience and responding to our needs which feels really good. It’s nice to feel heard and taken care of.


When referred by a current customer, Flodesk offers both people a kickback – the newbie 50% off their monthly fees for the first year. The person who referred receives a token of their appreciation. So it’s a win-win. Who doesn’t like a 50% off discount? I know I do and I used one when I joined 3+ years ago.

So there you have it, 8 reasons why I ❤️ Flodesk and highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs or business owners. Flodesk helps you easily start your email list or up your game to maximize revenues, take control of your contacts and keep in touch with your audience.

If you want to learn more about Flodesk and access your 30-day FREE trial and/or your 50% off monthly fee, please CLICK HERE.

If you are looking for more information on email lists, check out Email Lists 101: Learn how to start and grow your email list today! or this article: 6 Reasons You Need An Email List Today.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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