Why An Email List is a Game Changer for Small Businesses

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April 28, 2020

Have you heard the term ’email list’?

Maybe you have heard this term on your favourite podcast, Instagram feed or from the social media guru you follow? Doesn’t matter where you’ve heard it, what matters is that if you don’t already have one, you need an email list NOW. You might be wondering why an email list is so important and what exactly it is?

So What Exactly is an Email List?

An email list is simply a collection of emails from all of your past and present clients, people who have connected with you online or at events and anyone that has asked for more information about you and your company. An email list is created and controlled by you. It’s super powerful because everyone on your email list is already a warm lead (someone who is interested in you and what you offer).

Not Convinced?

6 Reasons Why An Email List is SO IMPORTANT

1. Take Control

When you create an email list, you own and control it, nobody else. Your email list includes all of your customers, people who have reached out to you, bought something or seen you at an event. They already care and are interested in you and your brand, so why wouldn’t you want their email and ability to reach out to them? #takecontrol

2. Protect Yourself

If anything happened to your social media accounts, you would have no way of reaching all of your followers. All of that time and energy poured into your engagement and contacts – GONE!

Let’s be honest, the algorithms of social media platforms are always changing. These changes often seem to make it more difficult to connect with genuine and interested followers. Why not take control and be the hero of your story, and start collecting the emails of people you sell to, talk to and meet?  This way, when you hear all of the chatter about algorithms changing, your account gets hacked OR worse, deleted, you don’t have to panic because you still have a way to reach out to all of your people because you my dear were smart, and have an email list. #oneuppingthealgorithm

3. Direct Communication

An email list is a simple way of reaching into your clients’ and prospective clients’ inboxes so that you can connect with them. It is one of the only ways to directly reach out to your people. No other method, other than perhaps calling each person personally, ensures that you have reached your people and achieved direct contact with them. #youvegotmail

4. Promote Your Business for Free

Do you have a new product you are launching? Did your store location just change? Do you have a ‘not-to-be-missed’ sale happening this week?  How are you going to tell all the people that truly care and have ALREADY bought from you? Would you rather post it on your social media channels and hope that everyone sees it, or would you LOVE to have the option of reaching out to your clients via email as well to tell them exactly what is going on? I know what I would choose, do you?  #freepromotion

5. Newsletters

Reaching out to your audience on a regular basis is good for business and newsletters are a great tool to use to do this. Don’t have an email list? How the heck are you going to send out a newsletter? Already have an email list? Bonus, get started! #newlsetters

6. Email Marketing

Pre-planned, pre-written, strategy-driven email sequences rolled out to your audience is what it’s all about to generate sales, a memorable brand and grow your business. Email marketing is a pretty simple way to do this and the good news is there are lots of different applications to allow even beginners to get started. I use Flodesk – they offer beautiful templates and user-friendly processes.   If you would like to check it out, click here for my affiliate link and receive 50% off for the first year. #emailmarketing

I hope you now understand better why email lists are so important for small business owners and entrepreneurs like us. It’s never too late (or too early) to get started so don’t worry. 

Want more help and information on email lists? Check out my EMAIL MARKETING bundle which serves up information on how to get started, collect email addresses, types of super easy email campaigns, topic ideas, useful terminology, discounts AND …. get this …. a Done-For-Your 3-Part Welcome Sequence with pre-written welcome emails that you can copy and paste and use for yourself. I included everything so you wouldn’t have any excuses 😉 .

Start your list today so that you can:

  • stay in contact with your clients
  • offer discounts
  • keep your audience updated on what’s new
  • avoid the algorithm blues
  • reach 100% of your audience instead of 3-10% results on social
  • nurture your warm leads so you can convert them into paying clients

Email lists are all about nurturing meaningful connections so you are always on your customers’ minds and they are primed to buy. We are after all running a business, right?

From my kitchen table to yours,

Tracy Smith is a professional copywriter, brand strategist and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. Through tips, writing templates and one-on-one consulting services, Tracy helps women entrepreneurs create the content, brand and online presence they need to launch and grow their business. She specializes in copywriting, website development and email marketing. For more information on her services and how to work with her, please click HERE.

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