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What the Heck is Clubhouse?

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March 18, 2021

So you have heard a lot of talk in your circles about ‘Clubhouse’ – people mention it, ask for an invite, or maybe even ask if you want to join their room?

Excuse me?! How forward!!

No, no, no … don’t worry. They’re talking about the newest social media platform called Clubhouse, and the room is a virtual room, not the other kind in a sketchy motel in Schitts Creek.  So are you curious to know just exactly what Clubhouse is, what it’s all about, how to join and whether it’s for you …. I’ve got you covered. Read on girlfriend!

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-only, social app available to iPhone and Android users (originally it was only for Apple customers). I compare it to a phone-in radio show where you can tune into various stations (‘rooms’) and listen in on conversations and even ‘put your hand up’ and participate in the chat. You can also start your own room on whatever subject you want and others can join in on your chat.

How is Clubhouse Set-up?

When you join Clubhouse and open up the app, you are asked about what topics and interests you have. You are then shown various ‘rooms’ that have been opened by people (the moderators) surrounding certain topics. For example, you might see “Kitchen Table CEOs – Battling Imposter Syndrome in Entrepreneurship.” You can join in on ANY public room and listen to what is being discussed. There are usually several moderators per room whose job it is to answer questions, keep the conversation going and invite people in the audience that have put their hand up to the stage to ask their questions and interact with the moderators. Remember it’s audio-only.

Unlike other social media platforms, there are no DMs or tagging and the sessions are not recorded. Once they happen, they’re gone forever.

What Topics Are Being Discussed?

There is room for every topic you can imagine from entrepreneurship to The Bachelor, social media to Chewbacca impressions, global warming, politics, music, sports, you name it, there will be a room (or several) that are going on and discussing the topics and themes that are interesting to you. 

What’s All The Hype About?

The cool (and different) thing about Clubhouse, when compared to other social media platforms, is that it is audio-only. There is no visual component, so you can participate from anywhere, wearing anything and looking like you just rolled out of bed. That makes it very appealing to many people, including introverts, camera-shy people, or those who don’t feel comfortable putting themselves visually out there (like is required on so many other channels).

Because Clubhouse is so new and so accessible and unproduced, a lot of big names can be found on it – either moderating their own rooms or popping into others’ as guests. No other space (that I can think of) allows you to interact so easily and freely with industry heavyweights that you might long to speak to or hear speak on the topics that are important to you.

How Do You Get On Clubhouse?

People join Clubhouse by invite-only (at the time of writing). If you want to join, you can sign up and reserve your username without an invite, and then you get put on a list so if any of your friends join they will see that you are on the waiting list and may have the ability to offer you an invite. When you join you are given an invite or two and then are given other invites as time goes on to share with people that you know.

As entrepreneurs, it is overwhelming when there is new technology coming at us all the time, but it’s still important that we inform ourselves and explore new apps and programs, in case there is a great tool waiting for us that could really benefit our business and reach.

I hope that these deets on Clubhouse help paint a picture for you on what exactly it is. So now when the word is mentioned or people are asking if you have an invite, you’ll know what they’re talking about and be one of the cool kids.

If you’re on Clubhouse, find me @bytracysmith

If you’d like to moderate a room with me, drop a comment below, and let’s set it up!

For more information on Clubhouse, Click HERE

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