In Business, Which Little Pig Do You Want To Be?

In Business, Which Little Pig Do You Want To Be - blog post - kitchen table ceos - by tracy smith

January 12, 2021

Do you remember the fable the Three Little Pigs? Now stick with me here, there is a point and I will get to it.  If you were one of the three little pigs in the story, which house would you choose to live in for the most strength, support and quality?

The straw house? 

The stick house? 

Or the house made out of bricks?

The Brick House Right?! 

Because it has a strong foundation and quality components – the essentials needed for starting and building a substantial and durable house.

It is no different when you are talking about the business content you need in order to launch and grow a successful business.

There are 7 essential pieces of business content (the strong foundation and quality components) that you 100% need to nail down to ensure your business is successful. 

Apart from maybe your business plan, these essentials are the most important pillars you need. These essentials are for launching and growing your business (and for reaching your ideal clients).

These essentials are your brick house.

The 7 Essential Pieces of Business Content You Need For Your Business:

  1. Your Business Description (BD)
  2. The Elevator Pitch
  3. Your About Me Page
  4. Product Descriptions & Sales Copy
  5. Social ContentFor 40+ free topics for your next post, email or blog, click HERE
  6. Define of Your Ideal Client (Client Avatar), click here for worksheet
  7. BlogsCheck out my ‘How to Write A Blog Template & Tips’

There you have it. The 7 Essential Pieces of Content you need to launch and grow your strong and durable ‘brick house’ business, just like the third little pig.

If you want to get your 7 content essentials started, tweaked, and off your to-do list once and for all, check out my brand new course – Content Unleashed.

In this course, you will go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed about your business content to feeling excited and confident.

  • You will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders when you complete ALL SEVEN content essentials.
  • This course is tailor-made for the female entrepreneur. Teaching you to write captivating content specific to your business – creating templates and topic ideas to last you a lifetime.
  • Now, you will finally find your voice and be able to explain your business. You will be able to tell your story, sell your products, and connect with your clients in an effortless and authentic way.

**Click here to find out more about Content Unleashed.**

From my kitchen table to yours,

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