If you are currently trying to market to 'everybody' and 'anyone' of 'all ages,' you've got it all wrong.

In this thorough, multi-page workbook I walk you through all of the essential questions you need to be asking.

By clearly defining your ideal client, you will automatically be more successful at your branding, product descriptions, social media, conversions, email marketing, product development and more!

Hone in on your ideal client; they are waiting for you!

What's in it for you?

Ideal Client Avatar *Workbook*

Multi-page workbook 

Questions to keep you laser focused on identifying your ideal client

Exercises that allow you to learn more about where you can find & reach your ideal client for marketing and research purposes

Discover pain points and aspirations of your ideal client so you can connect and solve problems for them

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Your IDEAL CLIENT is the most important person to your business; complete this workbook and get a crystal clear image on who yours is.

What's Included:

With each additional answer, you will get closer to identifying your TRUE ideal client


Examples are used to reinforce teachings and for you to apply to your own business


Go even deeper than a typical avatar exercise and learn how and where to reach your ideal client


"Oh my gosh you gave me so much information...
... thank you so so much! "

— Susan

What people are saying ...

I was amazed by the amount of knowledge put into the products! Tracy is engaging, full of information, and has helped me move forward with confidence with my business content.  Thanks Tracy!"

— Joelene

I didn't even know where to start aside from copying from someone else! TRACY I loved it and  once I stopped and followed what you told me to do, it just flowed. Oh my gosh you gave me so much information... thank you so so much! 


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