3 Types of Email Campaigns for Your Small Business

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November 19, 2020

In this blog post, I want to introduce you to 3 types of email campaigns for your small business that are easy and simple to implement. Email campaigns are an easy way to drive your sales up, build relationships, and improve brand recognition. Because Email campaigns work for both product-based and service-based businesses, no matter what you sell, they can help you.

REMINDER: Email Campaigns are sometimes referred to as Funnels, Sequences, or Flows. All of these terms roughly mean the same thing. A campaign/funnel, sequence, or flow is a series of pre-written, pre-planned emails that go out to your email list with a certain goal in mind i.e. increase brand awareness, increase 4th quarter sales or get people connected to your social accounts.

Now that we are clear on what exactly an email campaign is, let’s review the 3 types of email campaigns for your small business.

The Welcome Sequence

Yay! You got a new subscriber, met someone at an event or someone bought a product, now it’s time to keep in touch. Because you care about this new customer, you can’t just leave them alone and hope that they come back on their own. This new contact would be added to your email list and, AUTOMATICALLY, because you set it up that way be added to your ’WELCOME SEQUENCE

The Welcome Sequence is a series of emails geared to welcoming new customers to your business, introducing yourself to them, telling them what you do, and inviting them to social media.

Some emails to include:

  • Welcome email
  • Invitation to your social media links
  • Explaining to them how you can help them
  • Asking a question to invite engagement (or do market research).

The Welcome Sequence does not have to be three emails long, it can be as long as you want.  You can also set up your email list so that once your customer finishes the WELCOME SEQUENCE they get added to another sequence or campaign.

Post-Purchase Drip

The Post-Purchase Drip Sequence is brilliant. If someone buys a product from you, they have already shown an interest in your business and products. Now is the time to send out a series of emails to follow up on their purchase. The purpose of the Post-Purchase Drip is to let your new customer know that you care, show them that there is a person behind the business, build a relationship with them, and encourage a repeat sale.

Types of emails to include:

  • Check-in to thank them for their purchase and ensure they are happy
  • Give tips on how best to use or care for their purchase
  • Point out products that would complement their purchase and they may find useful
  • A coupon so that a second purchase is encouraged
  • A survey on what they thought of their experience

Empty Cart Follow-Up

If you shop online at all (which I think we all do), you will have experienced the Empty Cart Follow-Up Sequence. Here’s how it works: a visitor to your site has added something to their virtual shopping cart but has become distracted and moved on without purchasing; the Empty Cart Follow Up Sequence reaches out to customers to remind them of their forgotten purchase and attempts to close off the sale.

Emails that could be included:

  • A reminder of what they have left behind so that they can come back and purchase
  • A discount so they are motivated to return
  • An offer to answer any questions that they may have about the product because maybe that’s why they left without purchasing

If you have more questions about email lists and campaigns, check out these additional articles all about email marketing. And you don’t want to miss my Email Marketing 101 filled with everything you need to get started with (or grow) YOUR email list today!

From my kitchen table to yours,

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