Writing Content is Like Playing a Guitar, I Swear!

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February 9, 2021

Writing Content for your business is like playing the guitar in SO many ways. Or learning to play any musical instrument really. Stick with me on this and you will see what I mean, I promise.

If you decide you want to learn how to play the guitar one day, what would your first steps be?

  • Would you research types of guitar?
  • Go to a store and talk to a professional to get some advice and tips?
  • Find out what all the different guitar parts and accessories are for and how to use them?
  • Take guitar lessons?
  • Watch some YouTube videos?

OR would you buy the guitar, go home and expect to sound like Janis Joplin or Joan Jett on the VERY FIRST TRY?

Even if you chose the second option, I think we can both agree, that wouldn’t be a very realistic expectation, would it?

When we try something new or want to improve at something we don’t know much about, it takes time, practice, knowledge, and support!

If we are missing those things or we decide to try and skip out on most of them, our results usually suffer, our journey is cut short OR we have a helluva a time along the way.

Can you see where this is going?

For some reason, people just expect to be able to sit down and write content for their business WITHOUT doing any homework and practice first. I love the enthusiasm, but have a few suggestions on how to make your content journey much EASIER, your results WAY better, and your copywriting way more EFFECTIVE!


  1. Find out what pieces of content you need for your business 
    A good place to start would be THIS BLOG POST where I explain the 7 essential pieces of content.

    …. Just like finding the right guitar for where you are at and what you want to accomplish.
  1. Research before you write.
    Try to learn a little bit about what you need to include or do to make your piece of content awesome.

    … similar to walking into a music store and asking about all of the different equipment and tools you will need to play the guitar. 
  1. Ask for Help.
    Reach out to an expert, download resources from trusted professionals and get tips and tricks to help you master your content.

    … most of us would probably get guitar lessons or be watching a lot of YouTube videos teaching us how to play the guitar, where to start, and how to progress.

  2. Practice.
    Practice makes perfect as they say. If you want to get good at something, you have to put in the time and keep practicing, conquering your challenges and moving forward.

    … your guitar-playing career will be mighty short unless you put in some time to actually practice so that you can master certain skills and build upon what you are learning to get better and better.

There you have it.

I told you writing content for your business was like playing the guitar. Maybe not quite as ‘cool’ but if it can help you reach your dream clients and share your story with the world, it’s pretty awesome in my books.

If you are female entrepreneur looking for resources to help you on your copywriting journey, check out this link with tons of free and premium resources.

And if you are game to go one step further and want to learn about, create and unleash all of your essential content to the world in one month … then you definitely want to check out my course, CONTENT UNLEASHED which will allow you to do just that. It’s like an intense guitar-playing retreat!

From my kitchen table to yours,

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I am a professional copywriter, content expert and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. I help women entrepreneurs with their content so that they can effortlessly describe their business and reach the clients they so deserve. I offer tips, wI am a professional copywriter, brand strategist and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. Through tips, writing templates and one-on-one consulting services, I help women entrepreneurs create the content, brand and online presence they need to launch and grow their business. For more information on my services and how to work with me, please click HERE.

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