What I Have Learned During COVID

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October 29, 2020

Listed below are some of the things I’ve come to learn or experience during 2020 during COVID craziness. This is by no means meant to be an all-encompassing list or detail every emotion or experience that I have had, just some observations.

What I Have Learned & Experienced During COVID

  • We are resilient and adaptable.

  • Change is hard.
  • One of the best feelings is breathiing in fresh air after having your mask on for an extended time and FINALLY being able to pull it off.

  • Hats off to frontline workers.
  • There are many more scents and dispensing options for hand sanitizer than I would have thought.
  • I love spending more time with my kids.
  • Sometimes I don’t always love spending around-the-clock 24/7 time with my kids.

  • Small businesses need us.
  • Being the only female in my house makes watching ROMCOMs and my nostalgic coming-of-age movie picks more challenging.
  • I love breaks from rep hockey

  • I miss rep hockey and the parents we see and love.

  • My husband and I get along really well.

  • My husband and I don’t always get along really well.

  • I need me time.

  • My kids are great at drying the dishes (who knew?).

  • My dog sheds a lot.

  • I miss my cleaning lady – for our chats and visits, and for her awesome skills.

  • Parenting is tough, especially when you don’t get a break. (Hats off to single parents and parents with young children and to my friend JENNA who has 5 kids, all under the age of 7 and twin 10-month-olds.

  • I miss planning get-togethers.

  • I love hanging laundry outside.

  • Some routine is essential.

  • Launching a business is tough … especially during COVID.

  • Face masks are slightly suffocating.

  • Grocery delivery is very convenient.

  • Amazon can be a saviour in a pinch.

  • I miss my girlfriends.

  • Local businesses rock.

  • COVID kid birthdays are challenging.

  • Health care workers are so incredibly brave.

  • Fortnite … I can’t even.

  • Thank you to Gordon Kormon for writing awesome books that my kids love.

  • I have loved recalibrating meal planning and household to-dos with hubby!

  • Carrying bear spray and dog bells makes me feel safe(r) walking in the woods.

  • I can build a dog house and follow wood-working plans.

  • Totally impressed with innovation and ‘thinking outside of the box’ by business owners

  • My kids have amazing imaginations

  • … and sometimes my kids have no imaginations.

  • When given the choice, I am not an early riser.

We all need breaks. We all have bad moods. And life is filled with ups …. and some definite downs. And that is okay. My aunt used to say ‘this too shall pass’ and I think that statement is for sure true this year. Stay safe and try to see the nuggets of good.

2020 has not been a year that we want to repeat, but I think there have definitely been blessings that have come along with the challenges and changes. I hope that you and yours have remained healthy and as positive, thankful and supportive as possible.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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