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15 Social Media Post Ideas for February

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January 18, 2023

Here are 15 fail-proof social media post ideas for February for you to swipe and use for your own social media accounts, blogs or emails. February social post ideas don’t have to be JUST about Valentine’s Day, chocolate and mushy, gushy love stories… but they CAN encompass a love for life, clients, and your job in order to tie into the lovey dovey feelings floating around. Get creative, have fun, and be sure to copy/paste, share and use these 15 post ideas!

1. Client Love

Shout out a client and say thank you. Thank you for their business and loyalty. Educate your audience on what they do and how they can support your client’s business if they are a client-focused business. Share a picture of you WITH this client if you have one, and bonus points for including a testimonial from the client (to indicate the respect and ‘love’ for each other is mutual).

CHECK OUT THIS POST for something similar.

*A post like this not only shows your audience that you have paying clients and actually do what you say you do, but also shows that you support and cheer on your clients. A picture with the client also shows you in real life, walking the talk and it helps your potential clients to envision themselves meeting with you too (that is if you have a smile on your face and look approachable).

2. First Quarter Projects

What are you working on right now? Client project, calendar planning, an event, a project, document? Share what you are up to with your audience and let them know what it entails, why it’s important and how you are going above and beyond to make sure it’s awesome.

3. 2023 Goals

Although it’s February, it’s not too late to share your hopes, dreams and goals for this year. Talk about professional, personal, family and travel goals (or whatever you’re comfortable with). Your audience will appreciate getting to know you a bit better and to picture your upcoming year and all the exciting things that await. ** Bonus points for asking your audience what their goals are and for requesting them to keep you accountable in the months to come on your goals (hello engagement!).

4. Team Love

Most of us have a few team members helping us out behind-the-scenes. Even if you don’t have any official employees, maybe you have a contractor, service provider, mentor, partner, friend or furry sidekick that help you out in a particular way. Shout them out and say thank you and let them know you appreciate them.

CHECK OUT THIS POST for what I mean.

5. National Days

I don’t use National Days very much on social. I don’t feel like they really contribute to bringing value to your audience, however, using them occasionally to show parts of your personality is a perfect fit.  Some National Days for February that caught my eye include: 

  • 1st – Dark Chocolate Day
  • 4th – IceCream for Breakfast Day
  • 5th – World Nutella Day
  • 17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 22nd – Margarita Day

6. Re-Introduce Yourself

To you, it will feel like it should be obvious who you are and what you do, but followers are constantly coming and going and might even miss your first post about what you do. It’s always a great idea to add in a post every month or so reminding everyone who you are and how you help people and what EXACTLY your business is. 

CHECK OUT THIS POST for how to re-introduce yourself.

7. Flashback Friday

These never get old. Flashback Friday (or whatever day of the week you want), is just a fun way to share retro pictures of yourself from growing up, with your family or awkward fashion/hair stages. It shows your audience you are fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. If your target client is the same age and stage as you (approximately), it will also connect them to you as they will remember that ‘phase.’  This could also be a work flashback to a past job or role. Have fun with this one.

CHECK OUT THIS POST for my Flashback Friday post.

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Credit: Unsplash – Jamie Street

8. Family Pet Love

If you have a furry friend (shout out to my dog Oak), show him/her some love this month. Share a picture of them or you with them. Awwww 💖


9. Valentine’s Day Horror Story

Maybe you have a Valentine’s Day horror story, or maybe you have a Hallmark Rom Com story. Go ahead and share one on Valentine’s Day or in anticipation of the big day. 

10. Why DO You Love What You Do?

A lot of us entrepreneurs and small business owners have very specific reasons for doing what we do and working on our own and not in a large corporation. If you’re comfortable, share what you do and why you love it. What are you good at? How did you get to this moment in time? What do you really enjoy about your job and role?

11. Wedding Picture

It is the month of a lot of hearts, Hallmark and chocolate, so why not show your wedding picture (if you have one). Perfect opportunity to upload a goodie for all to see. Given that none of us have aged AT ALL 😉, we should look relatively the same, right??!!

12. Family Love 

Do you have a family? Take the time to share a family picture and send some love their way (only if you are comfortable, and they are too). This could be your immediate family, parents, extended or gal pal friend-family.

13. Winter Activities

It is winter after all, so why not show them how you celebrate and enjoy it? That could include putting your pajamas on at 7 p.m. and staying under a cozy blanket praying for an early spring; or it could be you cross-country skiing or skating with the fam. Whatever it is, let your audience know how you feel and what you’re doing.

*Bonus points for taking a poll and asking everyone what THEY like to do in the winter.

CHECK OUT one of my winter outdoor posts HERE

14. Client HOW TO Tips

I am sure there are a few subjects that you get asked about ALL the time from your clients. Things that they find hard, tasks they are confused about, questions that get asked a lot in your first meeting or message exchanges?  Think of a few of these and create 3-5 how-tos or answers for those questions and share in a social post. 

15. Your Office 

Show your audience where all the magic happens. This could be a still post or a time-lapse fast-forward video of you working all day. This type of post is also a really great excuse to clean your office and desk off so everyone doesn’t think you are a complete slob with 4 empty mugs, piles of paper everywhere and no Pinterest-worthy plants in the vicinity (I can relate!).

If you love to make your life easier, feel free to swipe more post ideas and check out THESE IDEAS I posted about earlier this year.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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