What Is A Copywriter and How You Can Use Them In Your Business?

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September 13, 2022

I am about to blow your mind 🤯 and that’s because I’m about to tell you about a person with a certain skill set that can help you catapult your business forward … instantly. This person is a copywriter, and trust me when I say, they can take a whole pile of stress and items off of your to-do list! 

But you’re probably wondering, what the heck is a copywriter?

You hear the term thrown around all of the time but might be missing that really clear-cut understanding of what exactly a copywriter does. So let me break it down for you.

A copywriter is someone who is awesome at writing. Plain and simple.

What Exactly is a Copywriter?

Copywriters are really good at writing easy-to-understand, straightforward, readable ‘copy’ (words) for websites, articles, marketing materials, social media and ads. So, basically, everything a small business owner needs in order to communicate with their audience and promote themselves to the world. 

Copywriters, if they’re good, can write about virtually any subject, for any audience and for a wide-range of businesses (big or small).

And the beautiful thing about a copywriter is that they often work as freelancers which means that you can hire them for individual projects or single pieces of content that you need to get done ASAP (rather than hire them full time or hope that your assistant can magically learn how to write a website).

Good Copywriters Know How to:

  • Reach
  • Persuade
  • Invoke action
  • Keep people reading
  • Entertain
  • Take your thoughts and put them into paper into words
  • Write differently for a variety of mediums
  • Make people understand
  • Break complex things down into bite-sized chunks

You might be thinking you don’t need a copywriter; that you can do all the writing for your business.

And here’s what I say to that …

WHEN? You know your to-do list is long and that you have a bazillion other things to do, so how and when will you get to writing that blog, website page, about page, article, etc?

HOW? Do you have any education or training or experience in writing? 

If you don’t have any special writing skills, what makes you think that you have the chops to write at a level that your business deserves? Do you repair your own dishwasher? Hem your own pants? Make your kids’ birthday cakes? Stitch your child’s cut? 

Well … maybe you shouldn’t write your own copy? Maybe it’s time to see what handing a few things over to the experts could do for you and your business.

8 Tasks That Copywriters Can Take Off of Your To-Do List:

  • About Page – the page everyone dreads writing but that is SO important
  • Blogs & Articles – online and in print
  • SEO – make Google & your readers love you (READ THIS ARTICLE)
  • Website Copy – each and every word and page on yoru website has a purpose and your copy needs to be doing its job.
  • Emails – create templates for your most sent emails and/or write a welcome sequence to send to your email list
  • Service or Product Descriptions – there’s way more to it than you think
  • Bios for you and your team
  • Media Releases
  • And anything else you need professional wording and writing for

So now you know what a copywriter is, what they do and all of the different ways they can help you in your business. If you don’t believe me, you can check out this article from the job hiring experts at LinkedIn.

If your mind is spinning with all of the projects you want to off load to a copywriter today … I just might happen to know one that can help – ME!  Click here to book a free call with me.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @kitchentableceos for more copywriting, marketing and website tips.

From my kitchen table to yours,

Tracy Smith is a professional copywriter, brand strategist and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. Through tips, writing templates and one-on-one consulting services, Tracy helps women entrepreneurs create the content, brand and online presence they need to launch and grow their business. For more information on her services and how to work with her, please click HERE.

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