My Top 9 Must-Watch TV Shows for Us Women

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February 7, 2020

My husband usually plays hockey on Thursdays and when he heads out for his cardio and guy time, it’s my time to myself and I need great must-watch TV shows geared for women. Now my husband playing hockey used to mean 3-4 hours of blissful solitude (when the kids were younger), but now that the kids go to bed so much later, it usually means 1-hour max (if I can keep my eyes open).

I’m not one to encourage serial binge-watching because honestly, I think we need to do more with our spare time, but sometimes we just need to chill out, watch some TV and take a well-deserved break. On Thursdays, when my husband is gone, I usually watch a few episodes of something. Here are my Top 9 Must-Watch TV Shows for us women that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching …they may surprise you.


Oh my goodness. My friend Jackie recommended this show and I never looked back. Binge-watching until 2 a.m.?? What? Is this even me? This show is short and an easy watch at approximately 25 minutes long. It drips with sexual tension, amazing style and hair braiding envy and is freakin’ funny. It has Hillary Duff and the Debi Mazar (you’ll know her when you see her). So many fabulous characters and two especially hunky dudes. If you haven’t already, watch this!


Beautiful Australians, surfing, swimming, socializing and dealing with their drama and all living in the same apartment complex. Sort of like an updated, Aussie take on Melrose Place. Heartfelt, full of fun and makes me miss my twenties! Loved every episode.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! So good. If you love singing, drama, and Connie Britton, you will love this show.

Veronica Mars

I never watched this when it originally aired, but it’s cute and drew me in. Easy to watch while doing something else (Christmas wrapping, writing cards, etc.). It’s a nostalgic flashback to the high school years with loads of mystery and crime mixed in.

Grace & Frankie

These two crack me up. How can you go wrong with Jane Fonda (I want to be her when I grow up) and Lily Tomlin! Even though they are multiple decades older than me, it’s awesome gal pal moments, mixed with wonky family dynamics and hilarious writing.


Teenage angst, dark love, and a bit weird, but the modern-day take on the beloved Archie comics is appealing when I’m in the right mood.


Two words: Harvey Specter. (Wowza!) If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, then it’s completely your loss.

This is the show that Meghan Markle starred in before she married Prince Harry. It is a legal drama with lots of amazing fashion, very pretty lawyers, and intense cases. 


Great story with a powerful, kick-butt female lead. 

Mindy Project

I used to watch this during my workouts. Quick and dirty 20-minute cardio burn or double up for a longer workout; either way I’m getting a good laugh at the same time and time flies by.

Because I have a sneaking suspicion that all of you may have more to recommend to me than vice versa on this subject … go ahead… tell me what I’m missing. 

What should I watch next?

If you’re looking for other viewing suggestions for the entire family, check out my 80+ family-friendly(ish) movie titles.

From my kitchen table to yours,

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