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September 15, 2021

with Trina Serrecchia

Episode Description:

Attention all women entrepreneurs, we talk about a lot of good stuff in this episode, including:

  • Women entrepreneurs believing in themselves and fighting back against imposter syndrome.
  • How Tracy works with women entrepreneurs and small businesses to speed up their journey, boost their confidence, and help put their stories into words for them.
  • Realizing we can invest and grow parts of ourselves outside of our family without growing apart from them.
  • Identifying anxiety and negative self-talk around things that aren’t real, and realizing it isn’t your fault.

Tracy is a professional writer, small-business cheerleader, published author, and chocolate almond lover. She’s also the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOS, an online one-stop-shop for women entrepreneurs looking for tips, tricks, and support on everything content. When did she launch her business? A week before the pandemic began. 

In this podcast episode, we talk about:

If you liked this episode, I think you would really like the one where we discuss how achieving 80% is way better than perfect or this story about how I wrote a newspaper article to Jenna Kutcher – my female marketing mentor!

From my kitchen table to yours,

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