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January 7, 2022

If you’re not clear on what ‘content’ is, what it’s all about and why it is VITALLY important to the success of your business, keep reading.  And don’t worry, you’re not alone!

In this article, I’m going to cover off all the juicy details about content: what it is, why it’s so important to the female entrepreneur, how it can make or break your business success and the difference between good and bad content.

What is Content?

The word ‘content’ is thrown around all the time in the mompreneur world. Here are some examples of where you’ll come across it:

  • social media
  • marketing
  • website writing
  • email marketing
  • job descriptions

To make things simple, this is how I personally like to explain ‘CONTENT’ to my clients and students: 

CONTENT (as it pertains to your business and marketing efforts) includes anything you put out into the world to share your story, talk about your business, sell your products and try to reach your ideal customer. 

Content can be any and all of the following:

  • email campaigns and newsletters
  • social media posts
  • website pages
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram Reels
  • podcasts
  • books
  • webinars
  • digital downloads
  • product descriptions
  • infographics

… and so much more.

Why is CONTENT so important for women entrepreneurs like us?

The content you put out there represents you and your business and has the potential to make an awesome first impression (and snag that new follower or customer!), 

… or to have the opposite effect: drift you into oblivion among all of your peers who didn’t take time to invest in their business content and as a result, do not stand out from the crowd. A dime a dozen my friend.

But you’re reading this article … so that’s not going to be you! Let’s continue.

What’s the difference awesome and ho-hum content?

Wowzers, now this is a HUGE question! And there are so many ways to look at this .. but let’s start with a few basics:


  • Current & Timeless
    (i.e. it doesn’t become dated in a few months and it will stand the test of time)
  • Easy-to-read with adequate formatting and white space
    Formatting: headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullet lists, etc)
  • Includes a call-to-action or next step for the reader to take
  • Is linked to an overall business goal or purpose
    (Why did you create it? What is its purpose or what are you trying to do?)
  • Free of spelling errors and grammatical errors
    (if one slips by, it’s not the end of the world, but repeated mistakes and common blunders do not represent you as a professional who takes their time and creates quality work)
  • Includes imagery
    (Examples: images, infographics, video, cartoon, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, icons, etc)
  • Consistently distributed on a regular basis


  • Filled with spelling and grammatical errors
  • Not formatted, text-heavy, very little white space
  • No images, just text
  • No call-to-action and the reader is left hanging not knowing what to do next
  • Written for everyone and anyone (instead of specifically for your ideal client)**link to ideal client worksheet.
  • Random and has no connection to your business goals
  • Hard to read, long, boring, not able to scan
  • Irregular, sporadic and not consistent

What is Content Marketing?

In simple terms, content marketing involves creating a plan that includes: 

>>distributing 1 or more pieces of content targeting your ideal client and trying to motivate them to do something that achieves a certain business goal.

For Example:

Female Entrepreneur #1 is launching a new line of anti-aging products (she has others, but this is her new line that she really wants to promote, grow and increase sales).

Female Entrepreneur #1 creates a content marketing plan that includes 3-months worth of social media posts that:

>>promotes her new anti-aging skincare line 

>>targets her followers and ideal client

>>motivates them to purchase an item from the new line

>>results in increased sales for that line.

More often than not, content marketing includes more than one piece of content and brings together a variety of different types that work together to achieve the same goal.

Using the same example as above, Female Entrepreneur #1’s marketing plan could possibly include, not only the 3-months worth of social media posts, but also: 

  • complementary infographics showing the before/after results of her products
  • new product descriptions and images
  • weekly emails sent out to her email list
  • one-time magazine ads 

Do you see how multiple pieces can work together to achieve an end goal?

That’s what marketing and strategy are all about!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is:

“ … a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

via Forbes.com

So now you know what CONTENT is, why it’s important, the difference between GOOD AND BAD and what content marketing means.  If you are keen to get more strategic with your marketing, the first step is to clearly define your ideal client. Click HERE to access more information on my IDEAL CLIENT Worksheet.

From my kitchen table to yours,

I am a professional copywriter, brand strategist and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. Through tips, writing templates and one-on-one consulting services, I help women entrepreneurs create the content, brand and online presence they need to launch and grow their business. For more information on my services and how to work with me, please click HERE.

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