How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (At Home & In Business)

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April 21, 2022

We only get one earth so it’s pretty important that we all make changes to ensure we are protecting and preserving it; before it’s too late. In partnership with one of my favourite stores – Replenish General Store – this article details 10 easy swaps you can make at home and in business to reduce your carbon footprint. These are easy changes or products that will help you reduce your waste, become more sustainable and invest in healthier products for your family. 

Shall we?

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  

1. Reusable Leftover Covers

When you have leftovers, instead of using plastic or foil wrap, keep your leftovers in a bowl and use a reusable cover, such as products made from:

Shop Replenish General Store for more products that will reduce your carbon footprint and use code earthceos for 15% off at checkout.

2. Reuse Your Mason Jars for Everything

If you like sauces and soups like my family does, then chances are you are faced with empty mason jars on a regular basis. Instead of throwing these mason jars out:

  • Put bulk food in them i.e. nuts, flour, oats, or dried fruit
  • Fill them with bulk cleaning liquids i.e. hand soap or laundry detergent
  • Add a universal pump to them and use them as a dispenser
  • Use them as a flower vase and give as a gift
  • Bring them to Replenish General Store and they will use them for customers who forget/need containers
Credit to: Replenish General Store Instagram

3. Refill Your Liquids

If you have ever done a load of laundry, then you know how big and bulky and wasteful laundry soap containers are. And that goes for so many other soap containers – laundry, dish, hand, cleaners, etc.  Find a local refillery, like Replenish General Store, and REFILL your liquids in bulk. It’s SO EASY and kinda fun. Simply bring in a reusable container and fill it up with the type of liquid, soap, shampoo, lotion that you want, and voila, you have reduced your carbon footprint and saved money too.

Credit: Replenish General Store Instagram

4. Toothpaste Beads

I just discovered toothpaste beads by Change Toothpaste and love them. Tiny little zero-waste toothpaste beads. It’s simple: pop one in, crunch and brush with water as usual. The lather is great and comparable to traditional brands. NO waste and no bad chemicals.

Click HERE to check them out at Replenish General Store and lower your carbon footprint. Use code: earthceos to receive 15% off.

5. Silicone Drinking Straws & Reusable Water Bottles (for the team, great gift)

We use straws for, what, 5 minutes? And then they are off to the landfill. So wasteful. If you are a straw lover, it’s time to swap over to a silicone or metal straw to reduce your carbon footprint and waste generation. The same goes for plastic single-use water bottles – gross! Purchase a reusable water bottle (available everywhere) and never look back (perfect for a business team gift)! 

Credit: Replenish General Store

6. Bamboo Toilet Paper

We all use A LOT of it. And it’s made from trees. Why not use a type of toilet paper that is made from something much more sustainable and fast-growing than trees; like bamboo. My family and I have recently tried bamboo toilet paper from Replenish General Store and it was pretty good. Not quite as soft as some brands, but totally comparable. And, for you cottage renters/owners, it’s septic tank friendly. I’m planning on going back and getting some more!

Shop Replenish General Store for more products that will reduce your carbon footprint and use code earthceos for 15% off at checkout.

7. Dishwasher Tabs

Say goodbye to a lot of packaging and harmful chemicals in your dishwasher tabs. Swap these culprits out for biodegradable, organic, zero-waste dishwasher tabs. It’s a no-brainer.  Click HERE and HERE to check out some great go-to dishwasher tabs for your home and business.

8. Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are not necessary AND they are filled with harmful chemicals that will rub off on our skin. Ew! My family and I have been using either nothing or dryer balls for the past 15 years and no one would notice a thing (except for maybe when a wool sock is super static, but who can avoid that?).  If you haven’t given them a try yet, it’s time to ditch the traditional (and chemical oozing) dryer sheets and opt for wool dryer balls

Credit: Replenish General Store Webstore

9. Laundry Strips 

Clean, no mess, no drips, perfect for the office or at home. I love these and use them myself. If you don’t like the drippy mess of traditional laundry liquid or are just looking for an easier, cleaner laundry soap solution for your business, check THESE laundry strips out.

10. Reusable Dishcloths and Swedish Cloths

Say goodbye to paper towels and hello to reusable cloths. Most of us use reusable dishcloths, but most of us are guilty of good ol’ paper towels, especially at the office. Swap out for smaller and more absorbant cloths for spills and wipes to go along with your bigger everyday dishcloths.

Check out swedish cloths HERE and smaller, colourful cloths HERE.

Shop Replenish General Store for more products that will reduce your carbon footprint and use code earthceos for 15% off at checkout.

Credit: Get Case Instagram

11. Reuse Takeout Containers

We all love ordering takeout, but those containers are brutal. And trust me, whether you put them in your blue recycling bin or not, they are not being recycled. Check out and support Case – a Toronto-based company passionate about reusing and re-selling takeout containers back to restaurants. Replenish General Store acts as a collection depot as well as other locations so find out if there is a drop-off location near you. Simply rinse out your containers and drop them at a depot so that they can stay out of landfills and be reused!

Anything you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint and purchase more sustainable, clean products is good or the earth.

Don’t delay, pick one item above and just start! It’s as simple as that.

Thank you to Replenish General Store for all that they do in promoting sustainability and a better way forward.  Reach them at replenishgeneralstore.com or HERE on Instagram. Use code: earthceos for 15% off at checkout. Free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $100.

From my kitchen table to yours,

Tracy Smith is a professional copywriter, brand strategist and the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs. Through tips, writing templates and one-on-one consulting services, Tracy helps women entrepreneurs create the content, brand and online presence they need to launch and grow their business. For more information on her services and how to work with her, please click HERE.

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