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Your website is one of your BIGGEST marketing tools that exists ... that is if it's doing its job (gulp)!  It's prime real estate that you want to make sure is representing you well and doing all the things it should: driving traffic where you want it to go, collecting email addresses, converting sales, persuading and showcasing your talents and offerings.

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I absolutely live for helping entrepreneurs, just like you, accelerate their business and help create awesome websites - your business' home on the web

I am a female entrepreneur just like you. I used to rely too heavily on social media, not realizing the power of email marketing. My website and its wording was pretty, but it didn't have the ability to attract and covert customers. And the content on my website, well, it could have been more strategic and it definitely didn't have any SEO built in.  Ten years later, after a lot of education, experience and research, I am equipped with the right website, wording, content strategy and a surging email list. I have been able to streamline my business, reach more customers, and best of all, generate a whole bunch more sales. And I want to do that for you! Want to find out how I can help YOU. Let's talk.



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Website Review

Get clear on what you need to do next!

Are you stuck, overwhelmed and so frustrated with all this technical jargon? Do you want to get clear on exactly what you should be doing next to improve your website? Book me for a Personalized Website Review so you can achieve just that and have an expert by your side guiding you.

During your Website Review, I will go through every page of your website and investigate it for opportunities to improve user experience and navigation, sales, conversions and relatability with your ideal client.

We go over your website results during a 1-hour strategy session and create an action plan for you, outlining the best path forward to check off some quick wins and get your website working even harder and smarter for you. Starting at $249 CAD.

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