Getting Dressed for Productivity & Profit

Ilyssa Herrington

May 27, 2020

By Ilyssa Herrington

When it comes to productivity at home, we are in an especially strange time living through COVID-19. The hours of the day blend together, and if you are anything like me, half the time you have no clue what day it is. That being said, there is one small step you can take, to create more routine and add a sense of calm productivity to your day. 

It’s as simple as getting dressed. 

Not only can getting dressed start your day on a positive note, but creating a cohesive and strategic wardrobe can also align you with your ideal client – the people that you are trying to reach and connect with in your business. Believe it or not, what you wear can help you generate more income!

Yes it’s true. I have seen it work for my clients and it can work for you too.

You see, as humans, we make snap judgments about each other. In just 10 seconds, we size people up subconsciously. This means that – especially for business owners – for someone to connect with you, they need small signs and signals that you are THEIR PERSON!  They want to know that they are like you, that they can relate to you and that you will ‘get’ them.

When we show up looking and feeling good and looking like the person we want to be, it can translate into:

  • Having more confidence 
  • Booking more clients
  • Closing more deals
  • Being recognized and promoted by employers

Sounds pretty good right?

Although getting dressed may feel like a small piece of the puzzle, it can truly transform how we show up in the world. I want to share with you a few of the tips that I give to my clients when we start working on their wardrobe.

5 Stylist Tips for ‘Getting Dressed’ & Creating a Streamlined Wardrobe that Works for you:


Do market research on your dream clients or customers. What brands do they connect with and why? What colours do YOU feel good in, and does it also resonate with your ideal clients? Are you catering to budget-conscious consumers or a luxury clientele? How does your personal style reflect their values back to them?

For example: if your dream client is a high-powered lawyer, and you show up for a meeting in a long flowy skirt, sandals, and a baggy blouse …. will your dream client think you understand her? 

Or if your ideal customer is a budget-conscious stay-at-home mom of multiple kids and you show up in stiletto heels, a tailored designer suit, and a pristine handbag (worth more than the Mom’s entire wardrobe), will she be able to relate to you? Or are you turning people off without even knowing it?


Look through images that inspire you, and ask yourself what words you want to convey with your style. How do you want to feel, when walking into a meeting? Do you have an outfit that when you wear it makes you feel like a million bucks? (No, your yoga pants don’t count!) What is it about that outfit? Is it the colour, the fit, the fabric? Take notice and try to build more of that into your streamlined go-to wardrobe.


Create a mood board or collage of all the styles that resonate with the image you have for your professional wardrobe. Look at the pictures and observe what pieces you will need to start to cultivate the image you desire. By having a clear vision for your style, you are less likely to make panic purchases and feel more joy when getting dressed. 


If you are uncomfortable in your clothing, you will likely feel self-conscious in a meeting.  Ask yourself: Would you feel your best in a comfortable cardigan, or are you opting to wear a restrictive blouse that pulls tight in the arms? Are you confidently nipped in, or is the waistband on your pants going to bother you during the day? Do some self-reflection, and see how each individual piece makes you feel- both physically and emotionally. The goal is to strike a balance between comfort and feeling pulled together!


Lastly, create a smaller capsule wardrobe for work, where the pieces are fairly interchangeable. A great starting point for this is to create a smaller wardrobe with a colour palette of no more than 5 colours. This way, items more easily complement one another, work together and are more versatile! No more lengthy debates in the morning about whether something matches or goes together!

*These tips work for entrepreneurs as well as if you are working your way up the corporate ladder. *

Good Luck and reach out if you have any questions or want me to help you out.

Ilyssa Herrington is a New York-based Personal Wardrobe Stylist. She works with women who desire to have a seamless wardrobe that represents who they truly are, and reconnects them to their confidence by dressing authentically! Her favourite morning beverage is a hot coffee with a dash of almond milk.

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